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Cream City Swing Dance Classes

Cream City Swing has been holding lessons, workshops and dances all around Milwaukee since its founding in 1998.  Join them at our studio on Monday evenings for two in-depth lessons in a variety of swing dance styles that rotates month to month. Each month begins a new progressive series, so mid-month drop-ins will be welcomed based on prior knowledge.

Level 1 lessons run from 7-8:15 and Level 2 lessons from 8:15-9:30.

$25 - full month series (4 classes) $10 - drop in single class $15 - drop in both classes.  20% discount for Student/Military with a vaild ID ($20/$8/$12) Check out this month's schedule and instructors below!

september schedule

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charleston with dave & tory

Charleston was a dance style that was extremely popular in the 1920s into the 30s. There are lots of variations that fall under the Charleston umbrella and will be covered in these series - side-by-side, face to face, solo and tandem Charleston. It’s an energetic dance that is well suited to faster songs and blends well with both 6-count and Lindy Hop.

Dave is one of Cream City Swing’s regular teachers and DJs. He started dancing in 2004 at Michigan Tech. There he taught basic East Coast swing and helped bring Lindy Hop to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He moved to Milwaukee on 2008 and joined the swing dance scene, going multiple nights of the week to dance with different groups. He eventually was challenged to DJ and continues since. He strives to bring good music to the Milwaukee scene. He has traveled around the US to different exchanges and workshops. Somewhere in there, he started teaching for CCSwing. He teaches East Coast swing, Lindy Hop, 20’s and 30’s Charleston, and Blues. He primarily teaches with his partner and wife, Jennifer. Some of his favorite professional dancers are Peter Strom, Skye Humphries, and Frida Segerdahl. He has a passion for New Orleans jazz, Charleston, Blues, good technique, and long walks on the beach.

Tory can’t seem to sit still, especially when there is jazz or blues music playing.  A part of Milwaukee swing scene since 2005, she teaches and DJ's on occasion and dances to live music every chance she gets. She has Lindy Hopped her way from coast to coast and around the world (most recently in Stockholm and Moscow!) and firmly believes that dancers are some of the friendliest, most creative folks around. Tory’s not just a dancer, teacher and DJ; she’s also a biker, hiker, birder, reader and compulsive tea drinker.

October Schedule

Lindy Hop Level 1 Series (October 3-24) - This class will be presented in 4 progressive parts, during which teachers will cover the 8-count Lindy footwork, proper frame, connection, Lindy swingout and circle and a selection of basic moves.  It will be geared towards those who are new to Lindy Hop but is perfect for those interested in improving their technique. 

Lindy Hop Level 2 Series (October 3-24)  -  Continue refining your Lindy Hop skills, connection, and musicality in this 4 part intermediate level series. Eric and Pam have cooked up a fun piece of choreography to help teach you to build your dance with the music, integrate Charleston in with your Lindy (and transition smoothly between the two), and, on top of that, you’ll walk away with few bonus moves.  Prerequisites: you must be comfortable performing a swing out from open, from closed and a Lindy circle as well as basic Charleston footwork. NO drop-ins will be accepted after week 2, as this class is choreography based.

November schedule

Blues Level 1 classes will focus on blues footwork and patterns, connection and posture, pulse, weight changes, and basic walking, along with a crash course on essential blues etiquette in every lesson. Note that these classes will be taught in a rotating switch format, meaning that no partner is necessary and everyone gets a shot at trying out both roles. No prior dance experience is required.

Blues Level 2 classes will branch out into the fundamentals of the various blues dance genres, such as slow drag, juke, ballroomin, and drag (yes, slow drag and drag are different). We will spend in-depth time during each class on: 1) the blues vernacular: classic movements deeply embedded in historical blues dances, 2) traveling: a facet of blues that takes on distinct characteristics based on the genre you’re dancing to, 3) attitude: exploring how the textures you layer onto your dance creates interest and personality 4) technical skills: deeper levels of understanding weight shifts, tone, creativity, relaxation, and conversational lead/follow dynamic. Intermediate classes require an understanding of comfortable blues partnered connection and movements, having taken at least one comprehensive beginner class. 

November instructors

Blues with Eric and Olivia

Eric and Olivia Yu discovered blues dancing in 2011 and fell hard for it. Over the last several, Eric has become a well-known regional DJ, taking various fusion gigs, DJing regularly for Bluetopia in Chicago, and of course featuring heavily as the primary local blues DJ in the various cities we have lived in. Olivia’s ability as a follow has won her a promotion to the rank of All-Star (master) blues dancer with her regular partner (Ross Blythe of Chicago), winning and finaling at events like BluesSHOUT!, North Star Blues, Steel City Blues, Sweet Molasses Blues, and Snowbound Blues. 

Olivia and Eric’s close friendships with nationally recognized blues professionals has led to great insight into the teaching theories and practices of those at the top. They help their students achieve foundations they can build on, inspiring musicality and creativity, and getting everyone the basics they need to kill it on the floor. Eric and Olivia are constantly finding new and creative ways to approach the blues idiom and bring authentic blues dancing to the classroom for their students. 


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